Ribbons and Scripts is a calligraphy and engraving studio serving Clients in Milton Keynes, London and beyond. 

My goal is to help delight your guests and create something that embodies who you are and what you stand for. Are you a couple looking for day-of details for your wedding or a brand seeking to wow your Clients with an unforgettable on-site/live event experience? My services will help create first and lasting impressions in the middle of your Guests and Clients.

My creative journey started as a gift stylist (which is still a big part of my business) when I was exploring ways to enhance my gift wrapping skills. I found calligraphy and used my beautiful lettering to create amazing gift personalisation and styling for brands and Individuals.

The name Ribbons and Scripts was birthed as a result of my love for gift styling and the beautiful art of a written word calligraphy. Ribbons - Scripts. You get it?

I am a strong communicator and love helping my Clients to achieve their goals. I find ways to use my creativity ini nearly any position. And my insights enable me to spot unusual patterns to come up with out-of-the-box solutions, crafting real change.
Driven by integrity, I find meaning in making/helping Clients achieve their goals and desires through the art of a written word-calligraphy.

Let's chat about your upcoming event or project, so we can make it happen elegantly.

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